Welcome to the Paradise Ridge Diggers Website!

  We are an association of people with an interest in treasure hunting, coin hunting, and gold prospecting.  

   This association was founded almost a decade ago by a man named Fred Gardner.  He was an avid coin hunter in the Paradise Ridge area, and we’ve been carrying on his vision ever since.

    We have monthly meetings every 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7p.m. at the Church of Christ, 1181 Pearson, at the corner of Pearson and Sawmill in Paradise, California.   At these meetings, future outings are discussed, demonstrations and lessons are often given, sometimes instructional or informative DVD’s are shown, and we always have a raffle with great prizes!

    We try to organize at least one or two outings a month. These outings involve coin hunts, treasure hunts, and gold prospecting, and you are sure to get instruction on the use of equipment or detectors, as well as expert techniques.  Many of the members use metal detectors at these outings, and we have professionals all the way to novices.  All levels are welcome!  

    Sometimes our outings include camp outs and barbecues, as well as joint or common operations to find gold, using special equipment that the association owns or borrows from some of its members.  We have these outings in Northern California, as well as in parts of Northern Nevada.-

    In the last couple of years, our activities have been more focused on gold prospecting than in previous years to accommodate the excitement being generated by the rise in the value of gold.  Many of our members enjoy using metal detectors to hunt for the elusive gold nuggets, but we also have many members who enjoy simple gold panning, sluicing, crevicing, and diving for gold.  So we try to teach it all!

    Membership in our association is presently $25 a year for new members.  This affords you access to our club functions, as well as allows you active participation in the website’s forum.

   So come and check us out – we’d love to have you join us!